The Covatutto 108 Digital incubator is equipped with a highly shock-resistant plastic casing, with excellent thermal insulation properties. It is equipped with two portholes that allow observing what happens inside the machine. It is equipped with two specific egg trays, suitable for containing eggs of all species, with a practical semi-automatic system to rotate the eggs. At any time you can apply the automatic egg turning device. Two electric heating elements perform rapid heating inside the machine. The humidity is created by the water that is contained in the specific trays. The digitized system that is installed in this incubator allows the use of various configurations that facilitate incubation. The use of the screen is very simple, since you can program the hatching days, the warning signal to fill the water tray and much more… Silent and reliable. A great incubator for great results. Heating: Resistance 60W + 90W + fan.
Thermometer: Digital with temperature control by species.
Materials: Non-toxic plastic.
Characteristics: 2 Trays for incubation and hatching, backlit display with 3 functions: Incubation days indication,
water refill reminder, egg turning setting.
Humidity: 2 Water containers supplied.
Egg turning: 2 manual systems supplied in Digital Manual.

REF: 2068AD000