The “Top” of the line has never been so easy to use. Simple and highly functional, the digital display offers key functions to monitor incubation at any time functions such as egg turning prompts, tray water refills, etc… are all at your fingertips. The case is made of plastic material and the transparent door allows monitoring the interior of the machine. Three egg trays, two electric heaters, two fans and two water trays ensure very high standards of functionality. Silent, compact, resistant. The best of innovation in a single product. Heating: Resistance 60W + 140W + 2 fans.
Thermometer: Digital with temperature control by species.
Materials: Non-toxic plastic.
Characteristics: 3 Trays for incubation and hatching, backlit display with 3 functions: Indication of days to hatch,
water recharge, egg rotation indication.
Humidity: 2 Water containers supplied.
Egg turning: 3 manual systems supplied in Automatic Digital.

REF: 2067ADT00