The door of the Covatutto 162 incubator has the same characteristics as the box and is transparent, so it offers a clear view of what happens inside the incubator throughout the incubation cycle, until the moment the chicks hatch. This incubator is equipped with three specific egg trays, suitable for containing eggs of all species; It is equipped with a practical semi-automatic egg rotation system. At any time, you can apply the automatic egg turning device which eliminates the manual function to turn eggs. Two electric heating elements allow rapid heating inside the machine, also in case of sudden and occasional drops in temperature in the surrounding environment. The important action of the two fans that are installed in the upper and lower part of the machine respectively, ensures uniform internal temperature and humidity, thus improving air exchange. The humidity is created by the water that is contained in the specific pans. The Covatutto 162 model is great in every detail. Heating: resistance 60w + 140w + 2 fans
Thermometer: Liquid.
Materials: Non-toxic plastic.
Characteristics: Three trays for incubation and hatching.
Humidity: 2 water trays supplied in the standard equipment
Egg turning device: 3 manual tie rods supplied as standard equipment

REF: 2066AT000