The COVATUTTO 16L Digital Incubator is equipped with a digital display to set the temperature according to the chosen incubation and can incubate all types of eggs. It is the only one in the range to have the new automatic egg turner, and digital controls to monitor and set temperature and hatch days. The water filling tank is external and integrated into the body to allow external water filling, without the need to open the incubator. The automatic egg turner gives you the freedom of not having to think about egg rotation. The digital display reminds you to fill the moisture tray and you just have to wait for it to hatch. You have the possibility of inserting the digital Thermohygrometer (not included). Three bulbs ensure even heating. The new Covatutto 16L PRO incubator is simple to use, compact and designed with every detail in mind. High quality materials, illustrated manual included. Ideal for amateurs and professionals. The position of the eggs is horizontal, maintaining the naturalness of the incubation and prioritizing quality over quantity.

-Heating: 3 E14 25-watt bulbs (incandescent)

-Thermometer: digital with temperature control for each species

-Materials: non-toxic plastic.

Characteristics: backlit display with 3 functions:

indication of incubation days, water refill note, start/end egg

Egg turner: 1 automatic egg turner with dividers

Capacity: Between 14 and 16 chicken eggs.

REF: 2229A0000