The dryer par excellence! It replaces the sun to dry mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, pasta and any other type of food without being conditioned by the weather.
The heating system (two resistors of 500W each) and air circulation (an efficient fan allows a perfect circulation of hot air in all the trays) eliminates the water of the food, drying it in an optimal and long-lasting way, keeping all their properties intact. The five large trays allow large quantities of product to be dried, making this machine an indispensable appliance for those who want healthy food.
Healthy food the traditional way!
Voltage supply: 200/230V
Consumption: 550/1100W
Capacity: kg 1,7/2,5/3,75
Approximate capacity per tray: 750 g of fruit, 350/500 g of vegetables

REF: 1146A0000-1146ACCP0