Jerry Treadle Feeder

1. The pedal, suitable for all kinds of poultry such as hens, pheasants and ducks, has just the right size for the animals to climb up without soiling it.

The top lid can be opened from the front or the back to fill the feed. The hopper includes two holes for hanging it to the wall.

The dock has three adjustements. The lowest setting is activated from approx. 650 g, considering that a rat can weigh between 80 and 250 grams, there is enough margin to withstand the weight of several rats at the lowest setting.

The rivets that we use for their manufacture are made of aeronautical steel and are set by an automatic machine that rivets at exactly the same pressure, guaranteeing the highest quality at the joints.

All models of the Jerry mechanical opening hoppers are equipped with a mechanical feed drop regulation system which makes it very versatile when introducing any type of grain or feed, perfectly controlling the height of the feed in the feeder.

It is specially designed for outdoor use, which is why it has a visor to prevent water from disturbing the hens during feeding.
The visor is easily removable and screws are nor required.

Capacity: 18 L

With visor:

Without visor:

REF: F0200028 – F0200067