1. It can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. The sides act as legs, which are fixed to the tray, forming a single block.

2. The tray is one-piece made, which makes it one of the strongest laying nest on the market. The tray and the base of the tank have perforations sift out dust and dirt. The tank´s base is also removable for even easier cleaning.

3. It has ventilation on all sides and separators to avoid condensation inside, preventing problems for the hens and rust.

4. Hinged opening towards the outside, making egg collection much easier and cleaner because any dirt on top of the lid does not fall down into the tank, as is the case with most systems on the market.

5. This perch can be folded down, making it a barrier to prevent hens from coming in to roost at night.

6. The hooks oh the laying nest, perch and tube are 1,2 – 1,5 mm thihck to further ensure the strength and durability of the nest.

7. It has a 35 mm diameter perch, perfect for the hens feet. The tube is 1,5 mm thick, giving it incredible strength.

8. Possibility to place the egg deposit outside or inside the chicken coop. So we provide an incredible added value.

9. The Bennu laying nest includes Astroturf mats to keep the nest box cleaner and improves the welfare of the hens.

10. It also keeps the egg cleaner as it rolls into the deposit.

11. We have a digital packaging to make full color designs that will not go unnoticed.

12. It has an open interior space (without separations), which allows greater comfort for the collective laying.

Material: 100% galvanized sheet metal.

Capacity: 75 cm

REF: F0200017