Linear Grandpa’s feeder

Material: galvanzed sheet metal structure.
Characteristics: It is a linear hopper with 3 weight regulations: 550 g, 750 g and 1300 g, which will activate the opening of the lid in order to allow the hen access to the feed. It prevents rodents and birds from accesing the feed, eating it and contaminating it with their feces. It aldo incoporates a removable visor to prevent rain from soaking the feed. This fits over the top of the hopper and the side flaps, thus side flaps, making it 100% waterproof.
This hopper incorporates an anti-waste system and a feed level regulator, so that the user can increase or decrease the quantity and type of feed pellet according to the species.
It also incorporates a noise cancellation system, when opening or closing the hatch, this prevents the hens from being frightened and not eating in the feeder. It is undoubtedly a system that improves animal welfare.
Capacity: 20 L

REF: F0200077