Plucker Esterina 36-finger with feather collection trolley

Materials: stainless steel
– 36 fingers made with thermoplastic rubber
– 9 pairs of discs
– feather cover
– safety grid made with stainless steel that can be adjusted according to the animal to be plucked
– adjustable roll-over control bar
– trolley to collect the feathers, equipped with rotating wheels and supplied in the standard equipment.
– anti-vibration feet
– asynchronous single-phase motor 230 V – 900 W – 50Hz
– motor equipped with thermal switch having a manual resetting system
– safety push-button
Approximate hourly production: 80/120 chickens
Measure: cm 67 x 56 x 93h
Ideal solution for medium and large size poultry and the like
(e.g. chickens, ducks, turkeys…)

REF: 2211A0000