THOR grain shredder

Material: painted galvanized steel
Induction motor: 1,5 Hp
Hourly production: min. 50 kg – max. 80 kg
May very according to the nature and moisture content of the product.
Motor safety: thermal device with manual reset.
Roller access safety: patented safety device.
Cereal flow regulation: manual regulation gate. Grinds all cereals (oats, barley, corn, beans, etc) keeping their nutritional value intact.

This Machine can break the membrane of the seed so that the animal can digest and assimilate the nutrients better, it is also silent and does not make dust…

-The adjustment system allows to obtain an excellent quality shredded product from very fine to traditional sizes.

-A powerful Geared motor drives the steel rollers, suitably machined and heat-treated, mounted on bearings.

-The steel rollers are protected by a magnet that retains any metallic objects that may be in the product to be shredded.

REF: 1694A0000