On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October Ormi Group had the pleasure of participating in the second exhibition of poultry, pigeon and rabbit breeding in Segurilla, Toledo.

Where the aim is to encourage and promote the hobby of breeding, reproduction and conservation of these species.

We would like to thank his lordship Don Pablo Barroso, mayor of this town for allowing and supporting this type of activities, as well as María Ángeles Burgos, president of AVICIUCER and all her team for organising this type of events that promote the culture and national values.

We would also like to thank all those who attended our stand, it is a pleasure to see you and talk to you. 

At Ormi Group we are committed to creating a world where wellbeing and sustainability are fundamental pillars, that is why we love to participate and collaborate with these initiatives.

Love for animals is a privilege you can enjoy with us.


We have been able to enjoy the live exhibition of: 371 hens, 108 pigeons, 69 rabbits, 26 turtledoves, 59 anatidae, 17 turkeys, 16 partridges, 12 francolins, 10 wild, 9 pheasants and 40 species of other birds. A real treat for poultry lovers to see more than 737 animals on display.