The Hobbit Chicken Coop combines quality and comfort for chickens. With its sturdy structure and smart details, such as the nesting box with tray and opening system, this chicken coop is the perfect place for birds.

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REF: F0200072-F0200074
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– Designed for Comfort and Durability: The Hobbit Chicken Coop fuses quality and practicality to provide a safe and comfortable home for chickens. Made with high quality materials, such as 6 mm HPL and Z270 galvanized sheet, this chicken coop guarantees strength and durability over time.

– Removable Tray for Easy Cleaning: The convenient removable tray simplifies the cleaning task. Keep your chickens’ environment clean and healthy with this feature that makes it easy to remove waste efficiently.

– Folding Perch for Nighttime Tranquility: The perch can be folded down when you want to prevent the chickens from entering. This intelligent design guarantees a quiet and safe space for your birds, promoting their rest and well-being.

– Galvanized Metal Structure: The internal structure, made of 1.2 mm thick galvanized metal, offers exceptional strength and resistance to external factors such as weather and weight. This high-quality material prevents rust and provides a long-lasting shelter for your chickens.

– Egg Container Designed for Practicality: The back of the Hobbit Chicken Coop features a specially designed egg container. A sloping bucket ensures that the eggs laid by the hens roll into it. Opening the egg container outward prevents dirt from entering the container, ensuring the cleanliness and freshness of the collected eggs. Includes an Astroturf mat. This unique feature contributes to hygiene and ease of collection.

– Smart Opening Options: the door can be opened manually or mechanically, providing flexibility in managing the chicken coop.

– Removable Interior for Deep Cleaning: An exclusive feature of the Hobbit Chicken Coop is its removable interior. Similar to a drawer, this design allows for deep and comfortable cleaning of the interior of the chicken coop, maintaining a hygienic environment for the birds.

– Space for a Small Garden: The chicken coop arch provides the possibility of creating a small garden, which adds a decorative and natural touch to the environment.

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