A passageway, narrow enough to allow the animal to pass through without being able to turn around, is called a chute. This system is very useful to guide cattle in an orderly manner, avoiding crowds and considerably reducing stress.

Trailer chute for easy transport to different farms and barns. This product is easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time and money to the farmer, since with this trailer he can move a single sleeve through different areas, saving a lot of money in equipment. It is also a highly recommended product for veterinarians who have to travel, as it is approved by the European Union regulations to be used on the road.

The most important features of this M-4000 trailer are:

– It is designed for facial mobility in the field, perfect for farmers and veterinarians who have to move around farms and need to check cattle through the sleeves.
– It has the necessary European approvals to be able to circulate in European territory.
– It is a compact and safe trailer capable of transporting a sleeve and its components up to 4 meters long.
– It consists of twenty hurdles reference F0100051, two hurdles F0100035 and one sleeve F010026.
– This product saves the farmer a lot of money on different sleeves and is also an excellent working tool for any sheep veterinarian.

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