The Superkub Chicken Coop combines style and functionality. Constructed with HPL and Z270 galvanized sheet, it is designed to last. With full-opening rear door, two removable nests for easy cleaning, and raised legs with steps for hen comfort. It even includes a fun swing for them! The Superkub looks perfect in any garden.

– Entrance with Steps: The Superkub has two steps of different sizes, with the lower one being larger than the upper one. This thoughtful design helps hens effortlessly access their coop, adding functionality and visual appeal.

– Metal Perch: A metal perch is included to give hens a comfortable grip when entering your backyard coop.

– Built-in drainage: Rainy days won’t affect your chickens’ spirits. The entrance area features an ingenious drainage system that prevents rainwater from entering the coop, keeping the hens dry and comfortable.

– Minimalist Windows: The Superkub features minimalist windows, giving it a unique design that perfectly complements any garden setting, adding a touch of sophistication to the outdoor space.

– Manual and Automatic Door Options: The manual door opens easily and secures firmly, and can be locked in place. Pre-installed holes offer the option of attaching an automatic door motor (not included) for added convenience.

– Rear Window: A rear window allows you to observe the hens without disturbing their peace of mind, ensuring that they are happy and safe.

-Nest Area: An integrated nest area features two cozy nests that can accommodate up to four hens simultaneously.

– Convenient Access: The rear panel is fully hinged, revealing an access point for cleaning and maintenance. A side locking mechanism secures it.

– Side Swing: Adding a touch of entertainment, the Superkub includes a stylish side swing: a 35 cm perch where hens can perch comfortably and enjoy themselves.

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